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Line rider

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Found a really fun game…

This is a freerider auto track by me

18 1i 2q 1i,18 42 -18 1i,k 1i k 18 u u,a 1i a 18,-3e -18 -2q -18,0 18 0 u,-26 34 -1s 2g,-76 vs -6i 106,1s 130 1i 13a,-a 16o 0 16o,-3i 1bj -3i 1c1 -30 1c1,-3m 1hh -2u 1hm,-19 1ih -b 1ic,32 1og 34 1ok,3q 201 40 205,6l 22l 6p 22h,3s 1rr 4i 1rr,69 204 6p 202,93 22c 9b 22c,ci 26b ci 26s bt 26q,86 27g 86 280 93 285,aq 2an ao 2b8 a2 2b9,72 2cl 72 2cv 7j 2db,a8 2gm a6 2h0 9d 2gn,9d 2mp a6 2n4 a9 2ml,ca 2qk ca 2qu bk 2qu,2u 30t 3i 31m 3t 31h,6u 357 7g 357 7g 34t,8d 37p 8d 381 7f 380,4c 38p 4e 394 54 39b,37 3dj 3q 3dm,6b 3f2 68 3ff 5k 3fd,25 3hb 23 3hp 30 3hs,5r 3i6 5m 3iv 57 3iq,2u 3m6 3g 3mb,3q 3tq j7 4gk,j8 4gm k6 4gn kv 4h5 lh 4hq m5 4id n0 4j0 o0 4jl p9 4ki qg 4lc s6 4m2 u5 4ml 106 4n7 11p 4nm 13b 4o4 14v 4oj 16j 4ov 186 4p1 1ab 4ov 1c9 4oi,1df 4p2 1e5 4ph 1f1 4q6 1fs 4qt 1gs 4ru 1hn 4t1 1ij 4u8 1jg 4vk 1kd 512 1lb 52k 1ma 548 1n8 55t 1o7 57l 1p6 59d 1q5 5b7 1r4 5d2 1s4 5eu 1t3 5gq 1u3 5in 1v3 5kk 1vr 5m2 20k 5nh 21e 5ov 229 5qe 233 5rt 23t 5tb 24o 5uq 25k 607 26f 61j 27b 62u 28i 64g 29i 65h 2aj 668 2bi 66p 2ch 673 2dc 677 2e9 675 2f3 66t 2fr 66e 2gf 65u,300 6jq 300 6k6 2va 6k8,2lk 6rs 2l7 6s6 2ku 6rp,2ev 6oe 2fb 6p9 2fv 6p1,2hc 6uq 2hm 6v9 2i1 6v9,2l4 71u 2l4 72d 2kh 72d,2mp 75s 2mn 75c,2mp 761 2m5 765,2k1 799 2js 79t 2j4 79u,2fj 7af 2fr 7b3 2ga 7as,2i5 7eh 2ip 7ek,2kr 7jp 2kh 7kf 2js 7k3,2m2 7qi 2m0 7r6 2l7 7r4,2cv 945 2cf 94d 2c1 93r,282 9a2 289 9ap 28r 9an,28l 9gi 292 9h3 29e 9h1,2c1 9kp 2c6 9lb 2cl 9lb,2f3 9n6 2f0 9nq 2e4 9nc,2gd 9r6 2gd 9rt,2gd 9rs 2fq 9rs,1ei s3i 2ca s40,1ep s3j 1ip rbt 1fc s3n,1f8 s3n 1jo rc1 1fs s3r 1kn rc9 1gb s3n 1lb rc9 1h3 s3j 1m2 rcd 1hu s3r 1mp rch 1js s3j 1n9 rch 1l7 s3r 1o4 rck 1ma s3r 1ok rck 1o8 s3r,1qm rpg 1oc s3r 1pb rch 1pb s3n 1r5 rck 1qm s42 1rs rch 1rd s3u 1so rch 1s4 s3r 1tr rck 1tb s3n 1uq rch 1v1 s2v 1vt rck 214 s3j 21v rck 232 s42 23p ren 241 rc9 241 s2v 250 rc9 254 ru4 25f s3n 25v rd8 26m s3r 27e rgp 29j rvj 29j rfm 2be rs6 2bt rbi 2c9 s42,22u rv3 22q rdr 236 rv3,20o rtk 20s rt9 20k rch 21f rqv,rm saf vg s1o sg sak 102 s1t tq sas 10r s22 vf sb3 11d s26 11d sb4 11q s24 12j sb4 126 s29 142 sb1,dl s3a kj rq3 eq s3i l3 rqe,l5 rqb ga s3v lm rql i1 s49 ma rr1 jt s5b,2lm sr1 2r2 sig 2ut sr5,11d snf 14u sg4 130 snb 15k sge 14f sni 168 sgm 166 snd 171 sgk 17t sn0 17j sgc 19p smf,qr srk uh sl0 s3 ss0 v2 sl2 ss ss1 vf sla th ss3 103 slk ue ssb 10s slt 101 ss0 11t sma,13p spe 12q srr 13r ss5,15s srn 15f srm,15d srs 158 ssg 15u ssn 15n src,16o src 168 stt,169 stt 1ag sum,1cs sup 1ce t0f,1cl svu 1dt t0a 1db t11,1cf t0h 1dc t0u,1eq t15 1b8 t27,1e2 t0m 1e2 t1b,1h1 t2h 1gk t3b,1go t1s 1in t2r,1h9 t22 1gs t2r,1j5 t38 1i1 t3f,1i2 t3k 1i7 t4g,1i9 t4g 1j5 t46,1j6 t39 1j5 t51,1k1 t3h 1lm t4q 1j4 t51 1kt t5i,1kc t54 1k5 t48,1ng t4c 1ni t4q,1o1 t4o 1o2 t4r,1nj t53 1nv t59,1mp t0j 1ml t1o 1oa t1u 1ob t0n 1mo t0j,1no t03 1nk t17 1pf t1e 1pi t04,1no t06 1pi t04,1nn t04 1mp t0l,1pe t1f 1o8 t1v,1nl t15 1mk t1n,1oc t0o 1ph t05,cl u33 i0 ttf ir u4g,it tst j7 tsa ja tti,k8 u0r l8 tul nf u49,or u20 o5 u4e,nm u0v rc u2h,o3 u4g re u2i rl u54,qd u3b re u3g,sc u2p u8 u4d,rh u4g u5 u4d,rj u4j td u5h,s9 u43 u3 u5e,11j 32v 125 35u,1oh s54 1od s7k,1o1 s59 1sg s4q,1sa s57 1p4 s8d,1s3 s59 1tq sat,1r8 s72 1sk s78,1vj s6j 273 s70 20d sbu,20s s98 26q s9i,210 sbu 27b scd,-h3 612 -fs 619,-ec 63d -dq 63g,-49 6p6 -hg 79s,-hg 79r -qi 7go -vk 7ie,-vk 7ih -10l 7ii -11s 7is -12q 7jo -13l 7kt -14i 7md -15g 7o6,-15g 7o6 -168 7pm -170 7ra -17p 7t2 -18i 7us -19c 80q -1a6 82p -1b0 84r -1br 86v -1cl 894 -1db 8bb -1e1 8dj -1eo 8ft -1fg 8i7 -1g8 8ki -1h0 8mu -1ho 8pb -1ig 8ro -1j8 8u6 -1k2 90l -1kr 934 -1ll 95i -1mj 97s -1nh 9a1 -1of 9c2 -1pd 9dv -1qb 9fo -1r9 9hf -1s8 9j4 -1t7 9km -1u7 9m6 -1v7 9nj -20d 9om -21s 9pi -237 9pp -24j 9p7 -260 9o8,-28u a1g -28e a1r,-24u a87 -26j a5k,-21q adq -21o aoj,-21s adq -1rv apr,-2gg bqc -1v7 bs2,-1v3 bs9 -2hm bqd -1v3 bsh -1v7 bsr -2f5 br9 -1va bt2 -2g6 bre,-221 bq8 -22c brt,-22m bpk -20n br6,-20v brq -1tq bq8 -1tr brv,-1v0 bqp -1sv brg,-1rv bpp -1qm brd,-1st bsj -1oa bs2,-1sd bsk -1p4 bug,-1rk brt -1og bu5,-1qr brb -1lr bso,11i 4tq 13v 4pe,13e 4pb 14m 4pr,12q 4u2 175 4qe 16s 506,150 4s6 173 4t1,18t 4r2 1bd 4ru 18h 4vu 1d9 50d,18v 4tn 1cj 4u2,-r 3l -r 41,-10 3l -i 3l,-h 3l -r 41,-h 3m -a 42,-m 3r -e 3r,-i 3m -4 3m -d 42 -4 42,-b 3s -4 3s##B -24i ao4 5k,B -1vs alq 5a,B -1up ald 54,B -223 aln 5k,B -228 alg 5l,B -222 aki 5k,B -228 aka 5j,B -1u8 ak3 5u,B -1uf ajh 5j,B -1v8 aje 5o,B -1vt aje 5p,B -1vo aj5 5r,B -1vl aio 5o,B -1vj aib 5f,B -1vs aht 5j,B -1vt ah8 5e,B -217 ahd 55,B -1vt agp 5d,B -22c ag8 5j,B -21j aga 5e,B -212 ah9 5d,B -21f afp 57,B -21p aeh 56,B 1t8 hs9 8d,B 1t8 hoj 5k,B 2kt 6sl 8f


I am free

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